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10 Cheap Decorations to Jazz Up Your Apartment

You’ve thought about it and you’ve decided you are not about the dorm life. They feel way too small and if you have to spend... Read More

11 Beach Decor Ideas to Transport You Back to Summer Vacation

Ah, summer—those beautiful days where you can sleep late, play out in the sun, dress in a way that would make your mother gasp without... Read More

10 Donut Gifts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Forget about Van Gogh. The donut is the best thing the Dutch ever gave us. Everybody loves the sugary, deep fried rings, so what better... Read More

10 Cat Gifts to Remind You of Your Furry Friend Back Home

When you go off to college, you leave a lot behind. Yes, of course you miss your family and friends but who do you miss... Read More

10 Wall Tapestries to Fill Your Space with Personality

The simplicity of the white—sometimes even cinderblock—dorm room walls can quickly begin to look more like a jail cell than your home away from home.... Read More



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